The Best Belfast Tennis Clubs, Courts, Pro Shops & More

Best tennis clubs Belfast buy rackets courts your area

Anyone that is trying to learn more about the local Belfast tennis scene has found the right blog post. From the closest court to play on to a racket club to take lessons, pro shops to buy new gear, or leagues and tournaments around town this page should have you covered.

Getting the ball rolling will be a list of the best tennis and racket clubs in Belfast where you can find everything you need in one place. They are great spots to play a match, sign up for classes or quick lessons, join leagues or tournaments, shop in their stores, or mingle with like-minded individuals.


We will also be giving public indoor and outdoor tennis courts in your area a shout out so that you can go play a match whenever you have the time. Pro shops where you can buy new rackets, balls, strings, shoes, skirts, and other apparel will be broken down as well.

Before we get you out of here we will dive a little deeper into classes, lessons, leagues, and tournaments near you. Expect to find a map towards the end with all of these venues pinned on it and feel free to check out all of our posts on swinging racquets at balls around the UK right there.

Best Racket & Tennis Clubs In Belfast

You can sign up for lessons, join a league or tournament, buy some gear, or just play a match on the courts at one of the best racket and tennis clubs in your area:

Windsor Tennis Club features five astroturf courts and two indoor courts with a state-of-the-art double-skin dome so they can be used throughout the winter months. Lessons and a variety of leagues and tournaments also take place there throughout the year.

Six polymeric hard courts can be found at the Cavehill Tennis Club near you and membership includes unrestricted access to the courts seven days a week.

The Hawarden Lawn Tennis Club provides lessons and hosts events.

Public Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Courts

If all you want to do is play a quick match head over to one of these public indoor or outdoor tennis courts in Belfast:
  • Ormeau Park at Ormeau Rd
  • Wedderburn Playing Fields at 5 Wedderburn Gardens

Local Tennis Pro Shops

The clubs we mentioned earlier should have shops where you can buy rackets, balls, shoes, and other gear or get re-stringing services done. Outside of that you will need to see what is available at the sporting goods stores around town.

Lessons & Classes Near You

Local tennis pro shop Belfast lessons tournaments near you

Windsor offers customized local tennis lessons for adults and children that will be tailored to your specific needs by their skilled coaching team.

More lessons are available at Hawarden Lawn Tennis Club.

Tournaments & Leagues

The Windsor Tennis Club in your area organizes junior tournaments, an annual week-long club event in September that is open to all members, and regular Saturday afternoon doubles tournaments. These events are open to all members and provide an enjoyable opportunity to compete against other members and they have a variety of leagues including singles, doubles, men’s, and mixed leagues.

Tennis tournaments are held at Hawarden Lawn Tennis Club.

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Have Fun Playing Tennis In Belfast

That is all we have to share for now but we will be updating this page often so come back in the future. All of those local tennis and racket clubs, public indoor and outdoor courts, pro shops, places to take lessons and classes, and leagues and tournaments in your area are ready whenever you are.

It would be great if you could use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on what else is available near you. Now go have fun playing tennis in Belfast.

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