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Best tennis clubs London buy rackets courts your area

Today we will be breaking down the local London tennis scene. Anyone that is searching for the closest court to play on, a racket club to take lessons, pro shops to buy new gear, or who is trying to find out about leagues and tournaments should find plenty of helpful information on this page.

Listing the best tennis and racket clubs in London seems like a great way to begin because they should offer everything in one place. Expect to be filled in on when you can head over to play a match, sign up for classes or quick lessons, join leagues or tournaments, and plenty more that they can do for you.


After that we will be discussing public indoor and outdoor tennis courts in your area where you can go to play whenever the mood strikes. Then we will pivot to pro shops where you can buy new rackets, balls, strings, shoes, skirts, and other apparel.

Our final sections will dive a little deeper into classes, lessons, leagues, and tournaments near you before we share a map that has all of the various spots we are mentioning pinned. By the way you can look through all of our posts on the region at that link if you are curious.

Best Racket & Tennis Clubs In London

Sign up for lessons, join a league or tournament, find a pro shop, or just play a match on the courts at one of these racket and tennis clubs in your area:

Four of the six courts at the Globe Lawn Tennis Club in London are floodlit.

The Telford Park Lawn Tennis Club includes seven courts, five floodlit surfaces, five artificial clay courts, and two plexipave courts where tournaments, leagues, and lessons take place.

Five of the eight courts at Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club have artificial grass making them good in all-weather plus they are floodlit and available year-round.

There are eight courts with floodlights at Wigmore Lawn who hosts tennis leagues and tournaments in your area all year round.

Ealing Lawn Tennis Club is replete with magnificent facilities and a total of six extremely high-quality grass courts, three heated indoor hard courts, three floodlit artificial clay courts, and three hard courts.

Will to Win Regent’s Park features twelve courts and a great local tennis shop where the newest rackets and equipment can be purchased plus they provide lessons.

Public Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Courts

These public indoor or outdoor tennis courts in London are great options:

The ten hard-surfaced tennis courts at Parliament Hill Tennis Courts are open year-round and the standard court fees are £9.80 per hour.

The twelve tennis courts near you at West Ham Park are meticulously maintained.

Local Tennis Pro Shops

Tennysys is a good place to buy rackets, balls, shoes, skirts, strings, apparel, or other gear. Of course the tennis clubs in your area will also have shops to buy more and there are plenty of sporting goods stores in town that will have rackets and balls.

Lessons & Classes Near You

Local tennis pro shop London lessons tournaments near you

At Telford Park Lawn they provide comprehensive individual and group tennis lessons in London for adults and juniors of all skill levels.

Regent’s Park Tennis Center offers an extensive range of adult and junior tennis classes and private lessons each week.

Tournaments & Leagues

Each year Telford Park Lawn Tennis Club hosts a variety of tournaments and leagues for players of various skill levels.

Throughout the year the Wigmore Lawn Tennis Club hosts local box leagues and tournaments for juniors and adults.

Will to Win Regent’s Park hosts tennis tournaments too.

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Have Fun Playing Tennis In London

That is all we have to share today but check back in the future because we will be updating this page often. After learning about all of those local tennis and racket clubs, public indoor and outdoor courts, pro shops, places to take lessons and classes, and leagues and tournaments in your area you should have a lot more confidence to plan your next move.

Please use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on what else is available near you. Now go have fun playing tennis in London.

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