The Best New York City Tennis Clubs, Courts, Pro Shops & More

Best tennis clubs New York City buy rackets courts your area

Over the next few minutes we will be taking you on a deep dive into the New York City tennis scene. Whether you are looking for the closest court to play on, a racket club to take lessons, pro shops to buy new gear, or are trying to find out about leagues and tournaments in your area there will be plenty of useful info right here.

We will kick this baby off by listing the best tennis and racket clubs in New York City because they should offer all of the above. You will learn about when you can head over to play a match, sign up for classes or quick lessons, join local leagues or tournaments, buy some gear, or do everything else that they offer.


Up next we will get into public indoor and outdoor tennis courts near you where a more casual game is always available. Then we will discuss pro shops where you can buy new rackets, balls, strings, shoes, skirts, and other apparel.

Our final sections will take a closer look at classes, lessons, leagues, and tournaments in the region before we share a map that should help you figure out which spot is closest to your current location. You are all welcome to check out more of our Northeast tennis guides right there if you are interested.

Best Racket & Tennis Clubs In New York City

Whether you want to sign up for lessons, join a league or tournament, find a pro shop, or just play a match on the courts these racket and tennis clubs in your area are always a good option:

The Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club hosts tournaments and offers a variety of lessons.

Two outdoor Har-Tru tennis courts with state-of-the-art lighting are available at the Town Tennis Club along with one all-weather ClayTech court. In addition to hosting NYC tennis tournaments they also give classes.

The New Rochelle Racquet Club includes six indoor tennis courts in your area that are weatherproof, heated, and air-conditioned where tournaments and classes are both available.

Public Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Courts

If all you want to do is play a quick match head over to one of these public indoor or outdoor tennis courts in New York City:

The three hardcourt tennis courts in Hudson River Park are free and open to the public from 6am to 12am operating on a first-come first-served basis that does not require a permit.

There are seven hard tennis courts near you at McCarren Park.

Local Tennis Pro Shops

Local tennis pro shop New York City lessons tournaments near you

Buy your next racket, balls, shoes, skirts, strings, apparel, or other gear at these pro shops:

Lessons & Classes Near You

Members and non-members alike have access to the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club’s extensive offerings which include group lessons and private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels.

The Town offers private tennis lessons in New York City to members of all ability levels.

Little Champions provides both group and private lessons with the groups being structured by age and experience. To ensure that each kid receives adequate attention the student-to-teacher ratio in group classrooms is maintained at 4:1.

The New Rochelle Racquet Club provides private lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.

Tournaments & Leagues

Each year the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club hosts multiple USTA single elimination tournaments in your area including the men’s and women’s opens.

Club championships and member-guest tournaments are organized annually at Town Tennis Club to bring out the competitive nature of their players and foster friendship among the membership.

The New Rochelle Racquet Club hosts men’s singles and mixed doubles leagues in addition to USTA tournaments for all levels of competition.

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Have Fun Playing Tennis In New York City

Well guys, for now that is all we have to share. After reading about all of those local tennis and racket clubs, public indoor and outdoor courts, pro shops, places to take lessons and classes, and leagues and tournaments in your area you should have a much better understanding of the scene.

Don’t be afraid to use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on what else is available near you. Now go have fun playing tennis in New York City.

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